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Connecting kids with solar power

kubus-zonnepanelen.jpgSolar panels on the Dutch school provide the earning model to make exploitation of the development project possible. Most school roofs offer opportunities to this purpose: A large roof surface with good "insolation". There are different opportunities to realize this:

  • The school has already solar panels on the roof, of which the output is allocated to the development project.
  • The school is able to purchase solar panels and to allocate the output to the development project.
  • The school offers its roof available to "a third party", which organizes the solar panels.

This last option could be the reason to set up a Cooperative, as is done in the SolarSchools pilot project. Since an average school roof is bigger than needed for the development project, more participants can join. Examples are parents, neighbours, shopkeepers and local companies. In this case we speak of a district social enterprise, about which you can read more on this website.

District social enterprise


Business case