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Connecting kids with solar power

basisschool-de-kubus-sAmersfoort, May 26, 2014. The investing members of the solar system at De Kubus were presented a great solar harvest of last year during the general meeting of Cooperative Zon@School.

The solar system is now operational one year at the school roof. The system performed above expectations. The members could be transferred a larger profit than expected.

Last year was not without challenges. All problems have been solved. First, the system appeared to need some finishing touch issues after inspection of the building manager. Also the monitoring system did not work very wel during several months.

Striking was the great interest in replicas, both inside and outside Amersfoort. Quite some residents and parents collectives like to invest jointly in solar roofs of public buildings, like schools and sports halls. The Cooperative Zon@School now has experiential expertise to offer to these initiatives. Board member Camiel Versluis explains: "We work with a kind of Montessori model, suitable for a active citizens. Do it by yourself, and where necessary, some support to overcome barriers. For them, we developed the tool 'stripe-card', special designed for local authorities to facilitate their active residents in such projects".

PicoSol owns 10 of the 46 certificates of the system. The profit of 240 Euros will be used as a reserve for future maintenance of the Cambodian system.