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Connecting kids with solar power

kubus-leerlingen-chat.jpgFor the eigthth grade an education curriculum global citizenship is developed. The curriculum consists of six lesson modules that will be teached in the period of March-April-May. Children communicate with each other through social media about every day themes.

Pupils of the Kubus discuss about a chat for Cambodia.

Lessons with different countries can be made in the same way as the lessons with Cambodia.

Global citizenship

Under the heading "global citizenship" is now renewed attention for the development debate in education. The world has become increasingly intertwined and interdependent. We are simultanously citizens of different nations and of one world. The local is connected with the global. Big themes as poverty, hunger, sustainability and human rights come into play here.

Without the right attention all of this will remain for many children distant and unknown. In the project "SolarSchools" pupils are made aware in a constructive and gentil way of their global citizenship. Through the Internet (all is namely about computer education) children become acquainted in an accessible way to each other's daily life and cultural customs. Around five themes are lessons drawn up that are given simultanously in both countries.

Five attractive themes

thema-logoos.jpgThe subjects of the lessons are:

  1. Living and family
  2. Environment
  3. Food
  4. School life
  5. Religion and Culture

Every lesson module lasts a daypart and will end with an evaluation of thirty minutes. The children immerse themselves in a subject in small groups by means of exercises. They will make a collage with a combination of photos, drawings, icons and English words.

Linking groups

The pupils will be divided in groups of 3-4 people. As a group you will be linked to a group in Cambodia. The teachers will also have mutual contact. They will coordinate the planning of the different themes with each other. And that could be difficult: The program takes place in the period of March-June, exactly the period there are many national holidays and vacations, both in the Netherlands as well as Cambodia!


Use of social media


The pupils in the developing country will perform the same exercises simultanously. After that the pupils of both schools post their work via Google+ (similar to Facebook). With simple English words and "likes" the groups will react on each other's work. At the timeline the pupils can follow the conversation and add new pictures.

On the thematic lessons is an introduction beforehand. The children will then become acquainted to their partner group and are taught in communicating through visual language. During the introduction the children will actually meet each other via Skype.