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Connecting kids with solar power

schoolklas.jpgSolarSchools is an education project. For the Dutch school as well as for the partner school education is the starting point.

For the Dutch school the focus is on global citizenship. The education curriculum for the eigthth class of primary school can be used again every year. It offers the pupils a nice and personal encounter with the daily life of peers in developing countries.

For the partner school the focus is on computer education. The pupils are trained in computer skills, and learn to use the computer for other subjects, after that. And of course they become personally acquainted to the Dutch peers.

Besides SolarSchools offers occations for nice lessons about sustainability, durable energy and solar energy, on the Dutch school as well as on the partner school.

SolarSchools and Core targets of primary education

Despite the different educational visions of schools, core targets form the base of every educational method. This is a governmental requirement. SolarSchools is closely related to quite some of these core targets. The connection is mainly found in the curriculums English (attainment targets 16 en 17), orientation on yourself and the world (attainment targets 36-50) and artistic orientation (attainment targets 54-56).

Global citizenship

Education on solar energy

Computer Education