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Connecting kids with solar power

logo-emaganda.jpgThe word "emaganda" is a combination of two Swahili words. "Ema" means good and "ganda" means shell. Emaganda is a save and easy to use IT-system, developed for (sub) tropical conditions in developing countries.

Basis for Emaganda are the low costs. A new network requires investments. Emaganda helps to keep the investments as low as possible. With the help of state of art computer technology, in combination with free and open source software, the costs are low.

Emaganda is energy efficient. The Emaganda network is designed to be used in a solar-powered electrical system, on what the investment is determined by the number of solar panels. Less is more. Every watt, that is not used, counts in cost reduce. The server and "clients" are energy efficient. They are selected considering standards of high-friendliness.

Emaganda is solar energy. Why not use an always-available source of energy for your IT-system? With an energy backup system, you can even use it at night! No longer dependent on an un-reliable network! To prevent energy loss from conversion by AC inverter, it is even possible to run the entire IT-system on 12 volts DC.