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Connecting kids with solar power

Setting up a computer class on a rural school costs time, money and perseverance. Apart from the computer equipments, the energy provision has to be constructed.

We make a difference between project expenses in the first year and exploitation expenses in the next years. At this budget, we did not take organization costs into account (like the efforts of volunteers of the Dutch PI).

Project expenses

The solar powered computer classe will cost about 20-30 thousand euros. On top of that an investment in the solar system on the Dutch school, which will make money for maintenance and replacement of the solar energy system.

Computer equipment (work stations, server) €  10.000
Solar system (solar panels, batteries, electronics) €  8.000
Installation expenses (solar, computers) €  2.000
Renovation expenses (equiping a computer room) €  1.500
Education materials (books etcetera) €     500
Training and supervision  €  3.000
Total € 25.000

Exploitation expenses

Item costs/year
Internet access €     500
Parttime teacher €     500
Maintenance and replacement of solar energy installation €     250
Total €   1.250

In the pilot project the Internet of the neighbors of the Cambodian school is used (PicoSol) and the teacher is paid by the partner school. In total € 300,- is earned by a share of € 5000,- in the solar panels of the Kubus. This is used for maintenance in Cambodia.

The technical life of computer equipment is about 5 years. That means that a budget is needed for new equipment after this period. This gives reason for a fund raising action on the Dutch school in this period.