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Connecting kids with solar power

SolarSchools is a co-production of Esyst and PicoSol. Besides a cooperation exists with Cooperative Zon@School.

PicoSol supports solar energy projects in developing countries. The solar energy projects focus on community interests, such as community centers, hospitals, village pumps, schools and orphanages. The challenge is to set up the projects in such a way that they are self-sufficient. Local initiative, enterpreneurship and ownership are the keys to this purpose. logopicosol
Esyst provides innovative ICT solutions for companies, schools and care organizations. In Africa, the company was close involved in the development of energy efficient ICT solutions for a chain of Internet cafes running on solar energy. With the initiative Gastindeklas Esyst brings together supply and demand of guest classes, curriculums and excursions. esyst.jpg
Cooperative Zon@School realizes solar panels on school roofs. Schools can generate their own electricity. The school pays off the solar panels in annual terms, based on the energy savings on the annual energy bills. Parents and neighboors invest and get their share of annual revenues. zonschool small