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Connecting kids with solar power

kubus-zonnepanelen.jpgThe solar energy project at the Amersfoort primary school The Kubus culminated into a district enterprise, an education project and development aid.

In May 2013 the Catholic Primary school the Kubus from Amersfoort received sixty solar panels. The school generates electricity by itself to be a good example to pupils and inhabitants of the neighborhood. With the delivering an important milestone is passed of an unique pilot project that links education and energy supply to each other. The Kubus has created a real win-win situation, from what you receive solar energy.

kinderen-kubus.jpgIn addition, pupils of the eighth grade participated to the education project SolarSchools, which is implemented for the first time as trial on the Kubus in 2012-2013. They made personally contact via social media with peers in Cambodia and they communicated through icons about everyday themes. So they learned to compare their own environment and culture with those of children in a developing country.


Two parties have played a leading role for primary school the Kubus. PicoSol foundation has provided a bridge with a partner school in Cambodia for teaching in computer skills and global citizenship, through the education project SolarSchools. Energy cooperation Zon@School has made the installation of solar panels possible technical and financially with crowd funding among parents and neighborhood inhabitants. The project links three fascinating stories: The creation of a district enterprise, a new education project and a story about development aid.


About this project is written up a special atricle, in which all aspects are elaborated. The article can be downloaded by clicking on the adjacent figure. The photos from this article can be requested in the download section of this website.